Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wedding telegrams


Among the few mementoes Mum kept were letters and telegrams sent to her and Dad on the occasion of their wedding in August 1938. I don’t know when telegrams stopped being provided by the Post Office / BT but the whole idea of a telegram became so associated with bad news during the war that their use for happy occasions had declined long before they stopped. Ironically, one of Mum’s jobs at the War Office was to send the telegrams notifying people that their husbands or sons were missing in action or dead. (N.B. They are now available again from

The fact that the telegram was a greetings one could be determined by the outer envelope.

This telegram was from Jack Wildman ( a second cousin who many folk in the family had thought Mum should marry but who she didn’t like) and his wife who went by the wonderful name of Fuffles!

I don’t know who this one was from – possibly Uncle JPD and Aunty Muriel

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