Wednesday, 5 March 2008

More Telegrams


One day I am determined to ‘publish’ Uncle Eric’s diaries. I have transcribed a number of them to date but have now reached the stage where his minute and horrendous writing have temporarily defeated me. In the meantime I have a folder of all sorts of mementoes of his. It seems a shame that he had no children or grandchildren to leave his memorabilia to. (Yes, I know that paragraph ended in a preposition!) But then if he had been a parent he wouldn’t have been the Uncle Eric that GB and I knew. (And another yes, I know I began the sentence with a ‘but’.) This was a congratulations telegram to him and Doris upon their wedding in 1955.

The telegram was from Nana’s sisters Auntie Edie and Auntie Maud. Note how downmarket the envelope had gone compared to the bright golden one of the pre-war days!

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