Thursday, 27 March 2008

Dad’s Personal Record Book


Dad’ kept a sort of diary for about fifty years. The majority of entries were related to deaths and funerals with other major items being family births, christenings, visits from GB and family from the Hebrides, the receipt of letters from Big Frank, the occasions on which Walter called in on holiday from Australia, and so on.

I have just gone though it in its entirety and put the more important entries into chronological order. Gradually I shall add my own entries from my diaries, together with Nana’s birthday book and so on. I don’t know what the ultimate purpose will be but it’s yet another project to keep me out of mishief.


  1. Just stumbled on this blog insert quite by chance. The enteries into the old diary your Dad kept remind me so much of both my Dad and Mum. Dad for his diaries, (especially of the olden style), and mum for the handwriting. The similarity is very striking indeed. :D

    Dad, back in the 1970s became a little obsessed with how much electricity we'd used, as his enteries then was full of daily "unit" usage. :-)

    I smile now, cos' I sometimes look at my Consumer Unit at home to see what my consumption has been in the last month or so. :D

    Happy days indeed!

  2. Excellent blog, also came by chance, researching about the "personal records" notebook... You actually keep another one, like your father? Thanks for sharing all these. Carlos from Argentina