Friday, 7 March 2008

Tunnel Tickets


Sorting through some of Uncle Eric’s memorabilia I came across a couple of Mersey Tunnel tickets. The tunnel hasn’t issued tickets for years! In those days you paid per person not per vehicle – these are two 2d tickets for two adults. Children’s tickets were a different colour. Uncle Eric, Mum’s brother, was a man given to methodical and logical retention of documentation and objects. All his electrical goods were kept in their original boxes! But rarely does the sentimental side show through. Strange through it may seem, these tunnel tickets are one example of it – they are from the day in 1955 that he drove through the tunnel to Nana and Graqndpa’s house in Liverpool for his wedding.

On 3rd September 1955 Uncle Eric (Eric Spencer Body) married Doris at the Registry Office in Brougham Terrace. The reception was held at Nana and Grandpa's - 46 Queens Drive. Dad was the photographer and the photos were taken in the back garden at 46 Queens Drive.

Back Row:- A friend or relative of Doris's, Nana (largely hidden by GB), Eric, Doris, Grandpa, Mum, Aunty Ella, Uncle Wardie; Front Row:- GB, CJ, Roger.

I recall being nervous beforehand because someone had told me that the wedding would involve the happy couple and witnesses signing their names. As I was to witness (my perception of that word) the wedding I imagined I would have to sign my name and the prospect of doing that was a bit daunting as I didn't have a standard signature. It just goes to show how children can misinterpret the explanations of things that adults so blithely give.

Note GB's brand new school uniform - he had just started at Quarry Bank. Roger, although the same age was repeating his top year at Ryebank, to get better results. School uniforms came from Wearings or Wareings just off Smithdown Road and going there was always a major event in the calendar of the school year.

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