Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Quarry Bank


I am such a squirrel that I have great difficulty throwing anything away. I am now getting a bit better at it because I can scan things into the computer and then dispose of the original. Even then there is a bit of me (the old librarian part?) that says the original ephemera should be kept for posterity! By contrast, Mum managed to get her paper keepsakes down to a couple of file folders before she died - and she'd lived a lot longer than I have! Sorting through those folders I came across this card from GB.

I suspect he was about twelve when he gave it to her. I wish my handwriting had been that legible at twelve (or any age!).


  1. Ex Hoc Metallo Virtutem - Out of this Quarry came virtue. Yes, well, hmmmm. I'm not so sure about that in my case anyway. Indeed in a few cases that I can think of!

  2. Ex Hoc Metallo Pueris Improbi more like!