Friday, 15 February 2008

Liverpool Show and other events


When I was little visiting the Liverpool Show was one of my favourite days out. It occurred once a year in mid-July and lasted three days. Initially Dad and I only went once a year but in later years thanks to complimentary tickets from Phil Moss (who got them through his business) and GB (who organised the Show for the Council) we would often go two or three times. We would try to be there at the end of the third day when the plants were sold off cheaply in the flower tents.

Some of my first photos were taken at the Show as I attempted to catch the horses going over the jumps. Slow shutter speeds, a fairly primitive camera and dull days made for photos which by modern standards were pretty poor but I was pleased with them at the time.

Once colour films came in I enjoyed capturing the different coloured horses and the red or black coats of the riders – even if slower film speeds meant even poorer photos!

Although show jumping was the perennial favourite in the show’s arena other events were regularly held and I would wait for ages to capture shots of these. Nowadays we would reel off dozens of digital photos in the hope of getting one decent one but in the days when film had to be bought and developing paid for it was important to waste as few as possible.

The result, of course, would not be known for a couple of weeks until the film came back from the processors and one would go through the box of 36 slides with some trepidation hoping for that one shot that made it all worthwhile.

Another event that Dad and I went to each year was the Police Show at Mather Avenue police training school. Watching the dogs chase and bring down the villains was my favourite part of that show with the dog obstacle course coming second.

But it was the police band and the police horses that provided the best pictures.

The Commonwealth Arts Festival of 1965 was another event in which GB was heavily involved and for which he got me a free ticket. I took quite a few photos but with little success. This pair of Fijians in national costume were one of the few triumphs.

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