Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Hunter's handy hams


This was Hunter’s handy hams factory on Bowring Park Road, Liverpool. Long since disappeared it doesn’t even have any residue web presence so far as I can see from Googling it. The entrance to the factory was just past the corner of Renville Road and their vans used to use our road as a shortcut. They were notorious for the speed with which they came down our narrow road and parents were for ever issuing the warning to watch out for Hunter’s vans.


  1. I well remember Hunters with their blue vans with a huntsmans head on the side.You could always tell when Hunters were on a clean down......the smell from the factory was shall we say unique.....phew !!! sadly most of the factory has now gone but if you stand facing the old boiler house looking from Bowring Park Road you can still just make out the name from the factorys previous use as the Brito Margarine works ! Incidently on the other side of Bowring Park Road was Lucas electricals 'Victor' works and that took it's name from the previous company on the site,the Victor cocoa company which disappeared from the scene in the early 1950s.

  2. I am writing a history of my family the Raiswells and I am writing to ask for permission to use your photograph of Hunters in the history. My father worked at Hunters for over 49 years and I can still visualize him walking home from work up Paignton Road.

    The history will never be sold and will be made available only to members of the Raiswell family

    My email is: