Sunday, 24 February 2008

A 21st Cake

I had two 21st Birthday parties – one in Leeds with my college friends and one in Liverpool with library and school friends. The one at college was little better than a drunken orgy without the orgy bit because I was too drunk! Sad really as there were about thirty people crowded into our usual room in the Vic and only two of those were male – myself and my school-friend Paul who had come over from Liverpool for a couple of days. One advantage of doing a course in Librarianship was that my fellow students were all girls – a situation I thoroughly enjoyed because I generally prefer female company. That was the last time I was ever inebriated - enough was enough, I decided! At the time I had no camera because I had been forced to sell it to make ends meet while a student.

My celebration in Liverpool a few days later was a far more sedate affair, partly because it was held at home. Although Mum and Dad went out for the evening I wasn’t the sort to take too much advantage of that. Before they went Dad took a photo of my friend Babs and I.

He also photographed my cake which was made by a chef on one of the boats that Dad had contact with and was a real work of art. It was in the form of a book with the Leeds coat of arms on it. (The photo is worth clicking on to enlarge it as the fruit bowl makes a perfect still life.)

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