Monday, 27 April 2009

Things my Grandmother said

I have thought of a couple more things that Nana used to say that rarely get a mention in our house:-

Up the little wooden hills to bed.

This and better might do. This and worse will never do!

I love the second of those two. So often appropriate to my lifestyle nowadays.


  1. Another that springs immediately to mind (because I too use it as a toast all the time): "Success to temperence.".
    Nana also used to say "I'll drink to your health 'till I ruin my own." Ironic as she rarely drank alcohol.
    But my favourite was her rhyme
    "I chased a bug around a tree. I'll have his bood he knows I will." It was probably regarded as being quite risqué when she was younger.

  2. My dad used to say that too....up the wooden hill. And