Friday, 17 April 2009

46 Queens Drive

When my grandparents first moved into the house where my Mum was brought up the address was 32 Priory Road. This later changed to 32 Queens Drive and then the number changed again – to 46 Queens Drive.

The house was on the corner of Heywood Road and this is the view down Priory Road towards Childwall View and the Rocket.

It was taken around 1908 and if you peer closely you can just about make out the cows in the field on the right. Mum could look out of the front bedroom window and see over fields all the way to the Runcorn transporter bridge.

After Nana left the house in the mid 1960s the house was demolished and the site became a petrol filling station, known to us as The Garage.

(Thanks to jamese for reminding me that I hadn't posted these pictures before.)


  1. Great to see such great dated photos of the area Scriptor, thank you!!!

    One can tell these are really old photos - sadly 46 Queens Drive no longer exists, and no trees appear to be planted to the right of the picture. In later photographs of the area (dated 1911..1922), we see new trees planted and a central reservation constructed.

    I used to live 50 yards up the road, next door to the (now) shops, or Childwall View.

    My father would have loved to have seen all this old material.


  2. A little history behind that Pillar Box.

    Thanks to Scriptor's c1907 photo, we see it
    positioned at the corner of Heywood Rd where it
    meets (then Childwall Priory) Queens Drive.

    Some years later, probably when 46 Queens
    Drive was demolished (c1966), that pillar box was
    moved 50 yards up the road, just outside 22A
    Queens Drive (where the shops begin), and
    there it remained quite happily for some 40+
    years, until it had to be removed.

    Why, you may ask, remove it?

    Well, during 2005-2007, there were several car
    speeding incidents and crashes (I nearly said
    "accidents") contained in this very area. And one
    such incident resulted in a car speeding and
    loosing control, only to fly along the pavement
    and clip this lovely old pillar box, resulting in it's
    door being forced off. This car (like the others)
    was abandoned.

    Shortly later, the Post Office authorities decided
    to take it away. Probably to be put somewhere,
    where it isn't going to destroyed!

    Yes, this once quiet part of the world, is not so
    quiet anymore.

  3. Wow The Buildings Are So Great..Looks Scary But Amazing..Great Blog

  4. Then I scroll down and find....photographs! How wonderful!