Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Rucksack and a Scarf

Two important things I owned in 1970 – my rucksack (which went all over the Lake District) and my college scarf of which I was suitably proud. (Actually the scarf was not as good as it had been the first year of my studentship but I made the mistake of not buying one that year and then it changed to include blue which had connotations of Everton FC – the biggest rivals of my own team Liverpool FC.)


  1. your rucksack - it's originally a German word - dont' we call that a backpack right now? (I mean, you ar not that old, are you?)
    you have the talent to confuse me, but maybe it's your humor I'll have to get used to :)

  2. It may be a backpack in other countries but in the UK walkers and camping / climbing shops still refer to these as rucksacks. As to how old I am - next year I will have lived through 7 decades (actually I'll only be sixty - that's what happens when you're born at the end of a decade!)