Tuesday, 8 January 2008

"Wakey Wa-a-a-key!"


Some radio programmes from the Fifties...

Children's Favourites,
Worker's Playtime,
Any Questions?,
Ray's a Laugh,
Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh ,
Gardener's Question Time (with Fred Loads, Bill Sowerbutts and Alan Gemmell - "I think the answer lies in the soil..."),
Down Your Way,
Housewives Choice,
Mrs. Dales Diary (Not a programme to which we listened. Most people tended to be either Mrs Dale or Archers fans but not both!)
Journey into Space (with Captain 'Jet' Morgan),
The Archers (set to become the world's longest running radio drama serial ) in the first episode of which Walter Gabriel uttered his famous "Well, me old pal, me old beauties,",
Dick Barton - special agent,
Educating Archie (surely the radio programme the least likely to succeed - Peter Brough and Archie Andrews, a ventriloquist's dummy, on radio! But succeed it did.),
The Goon Show,
Children's Hour (with Uncle Mac),
Beyond Our Ken,
A Life of Bliss (with Percy Edwards as Psyche the dog),
Hancock's Half Hour (with Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Bill Kerr),
Have a Go (with Wilfrid Pickles and Mabel at the table),
Meet the Huggetts (Jack Warner with "Ron and Eff")
Top of the Form,
Paul Temple,
Take it from Here,
Round the Bend,
Life with The Lyons (a popular domestic sitcom featuring the real-life family group of Ben Lyon and Bebe Daniels with their children Barbara and Richard),
The Clitheroe Kid ,
Listen with Mother,
Friday Night is Music Night,
Music While You Work,
The Billy Cotton Bandshow,
Does the Team Think? (with Jimmy Edwards, Ted Ray, Arthur Askey and guests like Cyril Fletcher),
My Word!,
The Navy Lark ("Left hand down a bit, Mr Phillips"),
Twenty Questions,
Family Favourites.......

Have I missed any of your favourites?


  1. I know of Much Binding but always thought it was well before 1954 when it ended. I was an avid Dick Barton fan though. I recall that he drove an Allard Convertible. As those were only made from 1948 presumably he drove something in the earlier episodes but that was well before my time as a radio listener. The M-type was a most beautiful car with the hood down and an equally ugly one with the hood up! Wikipedia has a picture:

  2. Enjoyed the web sight but a slight error, "Ron and Eff") were two characters in the Glums in “Take it from here” not “Meet the Huggetts”

    Keep up the good work T J Lincoln