Friday, 25 January 2008

Flying Scotsman

I love looking through books of photos of old Liverpool – especially the Liverpool which I knew as a youngster and which has now disappeared. Some day I will dig out my old slides of Liverpool from the loft and post some of them on my Blog.

This may seem like one of the less exciting photos in a book called “The Streets of Liverpool” which was published in 2007 and has just come into Pensby Library. But one of the great attractions with photos like these is looking for people you know. Dad was there when the Flying Scotsman was lifted from the Dock Road by the floating crane Mammoth onto the ship “Saxonia” for transporting to the USA in 1969. He even took photos of it and they were taken just about the same moment as this one – as it reached the height of the dock wall.

But he is not on the picture – I suspect he was just off to the bottom right because I think I have found his best friend – and fellow photographer - Jack Grogan in the bottom right of the picture.

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