Saturday, 10 November 2007

My Trike

I got my first wheels - a tricycle which I loved and which looked vaguely like this one but had a metal boot and its pedals drove the rear axle - on 22nd February 1954. I’m not sure why that day as it wasn’t a birthday but that was the day recorded in Dad’s diary. It was one of the few non-gardening entries in Dad’s diaries! Perhaps he had a premonition how much the trike would mean to me. Unlike GB, who occasionally careered around the house on his trike, I rode mine up and down the pavement, being allowed as far as the lamp post. A couple of times I rode full tilt into the lamp post – my gross short-sightedness not being recognised until I had been at school a couple of years. I used to sit on my trike waiting for GB to come home from school and would cycle down to meet him.

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