Sunday, 11 November 2007

My Bike

My first bicycle. I was late learning to ride as I had difficulty keeping my balance (only decades later was I to find out it was part of my neurological disorder). At the age of 14 I had this bike specially made and at 15 I used it to tour the Cotswolds, youth hostelling on my own. The photo was obviously on a day when I had booked myself into the same hostel for two nights – otherwise my big saddlebags would have been on it. I had a fantastic holiday but like all good times there were the odd bad bits – most notably when I got a puncture on a main road (one of the very few I travelled along) and was wearing a yellow shirt which, combined with my perspiration, caused me to get covered in little flies. One of the best bits was trying to explain the ingredients of lemon meringue pie to two German girls in a Youth Hostel.

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