Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sufferin’ Taters

Does every family have its unique sayings? Dad, who never, ever swore at home used to say ‘Sufferin’ taters’ with great regularity. It was a way of sort of bemoaning his fate or expressing misery. Needless to say he was ragged about it on occasion. I have never heard it anywhere else and as a phrase it doesn’t Google so I assume it was unique to Dad. Heaven knows where he got it from.

I wonder what phrase will my children recall me regularly using.


  1. {smiling}

    My dad and I were just talking about phrases like this yesterday and the things we say when we're put under pressure (or pain). I have some words that come from my mouth when in those situations; like son-of-a-bear {the boys nearly laughed their heads off when I said that one}.

    I've also been known to say "whoopsy-daisies" and "goodness gracious".

    Sufferin' taters sounds too cute. I like that one. I wonder if my dad ever heard that one...his memory would come up with "cotton pickin'" or something like that.

    Oh...I recall him saying that he remembered his daddy say "dadblamit"; ever hear of that one?

  2. I must ask Gaz. I wonder if his answer will be 'Wotthehellarchiewotthehell'. At least we know where that comes from.

  3. The phrase that I associate with you would have to be 'this of course is true', although you use it much less frequently than you used to. Also, humming 'some enchanted evening'.

  4. Thanks Helen - This, of course, is true!