Friday, 11 April 2008

Dad’s Driving licences...


Dad kept a number of his driving licences. Remember those red backed ones from the good old days?

I knew he had lived in Lothair Road, Anfield at one stage – Lothair Road backs onto the Liverpool FC ground. But I either didn’t know or had forgotten that he lived at Wavertree House in Old Swan. Wavertree House, Old Swan, no longer exists as an address – does anyone know where it is or was?

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  1. Hi - just to let you know (if you haven't found out already) - Wavertree House does still exist in the Old Swan - on Binns Road (the top end, connecting Rathbone Rd and Mill Lane). It is alive and well and I live there! It is a set of flats dating back to 1919 when they were built for ex-servicemen. It might not technically be listed as Old Swan but is basically part of that area.