Sunday, 2 December 2007


The family photographed at ‘The Imps’, Pantymwyn, in 1956 with Uncle JPD and Aunty Muriel. Don’t you just love those old photos where the photographer set the timer but didn’t quite manage to get back into the frame before the shutter went?

JPD was a colleague of Mum’s in the Insurance Committee (forerunner of the Family Practitioner’s Committee) before her marriage and ‘The Imps’ was their holiday cottage in North Wales. which we had a couple of holidays in and at which we also spent some weekends. Two of my outstanding memories of Pantymwyn are of bloody heads. GB got one when someone threw a stone that hit him and I got one when I launched an enormous boulder (or so it seemed to my seven year old mind) down a mineshaft to hear it go bumping down. Unfortunately I launched it vertically but without any horizontal trajectory. Ouch.

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